George_Brown_College2Postgraduate Certificate, Business Marketing Analysis
After I received Bachelor Technology Degree in New York City College of Technology I transferred to George Brown College, Toronto to study Business Marketing Analysis toward master certification. I learned enormous on Business Computer applications, marketing and data analysis. I learned how to use information to make the right marketing decisions; apply the most up-to-date marketing research and analysis techniques to develop problem-solving marketing strategies; build a solid marketing plan by analyzing the market, competitors and consumers. I have better understanding on business marketing with in-depth knowledge of customer relationship management and database marketing strategies. If you like to see some of my projects and reflections on Business Marketing analysis please click hereCity_Tech2

Bachelor Degree, Computer Information Systems
I graduated from New York City College of Technology. I have Bachelor Technology Degree in Computer Information Systems. I studied C++ Programming, Database, Object Oriented Programming , Project Management. If you like to see my work please click here

My other Accomplishments
I made many important decisions that have changed my life. My first important decision was to become a soccer player. I started to play soccer on my city team when I was 13 years old. My parents were disappointed about my first decision because they wanted me to prepare for college entrance examination. Unfortunately I couldn’t become a professional soccer player, but I learned many things as a player. I learned how to win as a team. I learned that without giving effort there is no winning.

turkeyAhicMy second big decision was to leave my parents to get a better education in a big city. I studied electricity for four years in a technical high school. I saw many poor people, homeless children, political fights and people with hope. Those experiences taught me numerous things. I become a more realistic person. So, I wanted to become a teacher to change my society. My third decision was to attend college. I continued to study electricity at the University of Mugla, and got my first college degree. I wanted to become a teacher after I graduated from Mugla University. I studied teaching at the University of Kocaeli. I got my teaching certificate and had first teaching experience as a teacher assistant. Teaching plays a very important role on people‚Äôs life. Our world is getting dangerous, and people don’t care about it. Pollution, global warming, spreading diseases, guns, bombs, and all others are threatening the world. I believe, the only way to change our society is education. If you like to see my work please click here