Database Developer | June 2003-September 2003
New York City College of Technology, 300 Jay Street Brooklyn, New York

Some of my responsibilities are:

  • Designed system requirement by using Unified Modeling Language
  • Demonstrated excellent System Analysis, Planning and Design Concept
  • Demonstrated all the class, objects and their responsibilities in the system by using Use Case Diagram
  • Explained database applications to non-technical audience
  • Excellent team player and took an additional responsibilitie

powerpoint2Curriculum Database Presentation

Purpose of the project: To support activities of the Curriculum Committee of the College and Curriculum Committees of the Department

Function: Centralized storage of the curricula with the history of changes. (Departments can support their local databases and export data to the college database.)

  • Unique format of syllabi of courses in departments
  • Tracking changes in curricula
  • Producing reports (chancellor’s report, curriculum of major, book orders, miscellaneous based on request.)
  • Exporting data to other applications

Database Application Must Provide:

  1. Support of the required information
  2. Building the syllabus of the course
  3. Export / Import data from one database to another
  4. Building required reports


COURSE: Course is the central object of the curricula. Each Course is defined by:
•    Course Code •    Course Description •    Course Objective •    Course Department
•    Faculty In Charge •    Category ID

Different features of the courses change over time. The Database must preserve the historical view of the course. In case course is changed, the reasons and explanation of the change, the property that is changed, the date of the process change, and the date of actual change must recorded. Each version of the course is defined by Course Version.

•    Department Code •    Department Name

•    ISBN Number •    Title •    Edition •    Author
•    Publisher •    Year

•    ID •    Course •    Textbook Title •    Need Type

•    Course Code •    Course Version •    Course Name •    Course Passing Grade
•    Attendance Policy •    Credits •    Hours •    Change Reason •    Purposed Change Date
•    Actual Change Date •    Course Status

•    ID •    Course •    Course Co Prerequisite •    Requisite Type •    Required Grade

•    Major ID •    Major Description •    Department Name •    Degree

Major is given by department of the college. Each department has its own attributes. A major can be given by one department only. Each major include required courses and elective courses. One course can be included in several majors.

•    ID •    Major Description •    Course •    Course Type MAJOR CATEGORY •    ID
•    Major •    Category of Course •    Number of Credits

•    Category ID •    Category Description